The General Epistles

Message of the General Epistles

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Awhile back I wrote a series of blogs concerning what some call “The General Epistles” — the seven epistles of James, Peter, John and Jude. They were written to Jewish Christians, whether or not their respective local assemblies were populated by predominantly gentile believers. They were never meant to be  deep studies of the epistles in question. Rather, they concerned dating the epistles by addressing a running theme of persecution throughout their content. This and not a thorough study is what I was predominantly concerned with. So, while they are not and never intended to be a verse-by-verse study, they do address something in those epistles that is, in fact,  there and testify to their early writing. So in this context, I have listed those blogs here:

The Epistle of James:

The First Epistle of Peter:

  • The Resurrection at the Coming of Jesus
  • A Widespread Trial of Faith
  • An Ancient ‘Who Done It?’
  • Do We Really Trust Jesus?
  • The End of All Things Is at Hand!
  • Peter’s Exhortation During the Persecution

The Second Epistle of Peter

  • Peter’s Final Words!

John’s Epistles

  • The Apostle John and the End Times

The Epistle of Jude

  • The Great Conspiracy of the Last Days

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