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Peter’s Final Words!


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Peter wrote a second epistle to the five Roman provinces (2Peter 3:1; cf. 1Peter 1:1), and it was to be his final words to them, for Peter claimed his death was near (2Peter 1:14). In this epistle Peter lashed out at the false teachers that had arisen within the churches of God (2Peter 2:1). He wrote as though this particular event was yet future “there shall be,” but he was merely reiterating an earlier prophecy (2Peter 3:2). This prophecy, of course, was true, because Peter claimed these imposters were already feasting with the children of God and were unafraid to do so (2Peter 2:12-13). Read the rest of this entry »

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A Sabbath Day’s Journey and Jesus

It is important to understand that once in Bethany, Jesus could not return to Jerusalem until after the Sabbath day was over. The law concerning traveling on the Sabbath can be found in Exodus 16:29, where Moses tells the Israelites that they cannot go out of their “place” on the Sabbath day. The word for “place” (H4725) is maqowm and means “locality, country, or home.”In other words, Moses wasn’t trying to keep everyone in his tent, but no one was permitted to leave the camp. In Numbers 35:5 the Law fixed the limits of the city to its suburbs of 2000 cubits (3000 feet) on every side. This was considered to be a Sabbath day’s journey, set by ancient rabbis and continued to the time of Jesus (Acts 1:12). That Jesus agreed with this prohibition of travel on the Sabbath can be seen in the Olivet Prophecy in Matthew 24:20, where he told the apostles to pray that their flight in persecution would not occur in winter or on the Sabbath day. Read the rest of this entry »

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