Christmas Time!

I thought I’d create a page for Christmas and leave it up all year. Sometimes we need to be reminded about the greatest Gift that could be given. When the need arises, it may not be the Christmas season, but it may be just the kind of information we need to here. What you find here won’t be a lot of mushy stuff. It will concern Jesus and the events surrounding his birth, a little about prophecy and some thoughts concerning proving what we believe is true. For me, we need to make sense of Jesus coming into our race in the midst of an unholy season of lust, commercialism and self gratification. Anyway, I hope the reader enjoys what I have to say, and if not, perhaps you’ll pass that along by way of a comment. Maybe it will be worth discussing.

Lord bless all who come here to read and my our Lord and Savior open up his word to you so you may see him more and more perfectly until the day he appears again before us.

Posts Concerning Jesus’ Birth

Posts Concerning Events Surrounding Jesus’ Birth

Posts Concerning Mary and the Virgin Birth

Posts Concerning December 25th and Jesus Childhood.

  • There will be something here but not this year! :-)

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