About this Blog

ME - 2I use this blog for posting studies on the New Testament epistles and for issues that are controversial in character. Although some subjects will be met with agreement, others are intended to invite debate. Nevertheless, those things which might invite debate are not subjects concerning the validity of Christianity; I have a blog concerning apologetic issues, and it can be found HERE. Rather, the controversy I hope to raise here will concern in-house issues—subjects like was Jesus really crucified on Friday, and is there a hell?

Not every blog post is intended to be controversial. Some are intended to be informative and helpful. It is not my intention to undermine anyone’s faith. The fact is, controversial issues discussed here may question some things one has always believed about what we were told, but in no way should any of these controversial issues undermine the foundation of the Gospel. “God so loved the world…” is a reality in which I believe with all my heart, and will defend with all my strength, and I hope to write about such things, while blogging on the New Testament epistles.

Nevertheless, everything we were told about Jesus should not be treasured up like we treasure up the Scriptures. What was written about Jesus, whether long ago or in our own age, concerning what he did and said should be questioned, just like what I conclude about such things should be questioned by brethren of the faith. Those things that can stand up to all that can be said against them are probably worthy of our trust. Nevertheless, the things we conclude about Jesus, his works and words, are not Scripture. Only God’s word is undeniably true. At best, we know only in part. I therefore offer my portion of the partial truth that can be known by us—this side of the perfection that follows Jesus’ return.

You may pick at it, try to undermine it, show what is false about it—whatever you wish, but understand this: we are not speaking directly about the Gospel of the love of God for us on these issues. I will certainly write about the love of God when writing about the epistles, but the main thrust of any controversial subject found herein is simply not a Gospel issue. Rather, what I hope to do is challenge what we have come to believe that in my opinion keeps us from understanding the true Gospel for what it is. The fact is sometimes what we have preached in the name of the Gospel opens up challenges to our faith from those outside Christianity, providing the means to accuse God of not loving mankind at all. It is for this reason alone that I have collected some studies together for use in this blog.

Lord bless all who come to read and consider these things with an open heart toward God.


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