How Did You Come to Know Jesus?

30 Dec

Jesus tells us in the Scriptures that we have not chosen him, but he has chosen us (John 15:16)! He goes on to say that no one can actually come to him unless the Father draws him (John 6:44), implying that we are unable to come to Jesus on our own. In other words, our coming to know Jesus is really a supernatural event. We may respond, but our response itself is prompted by God (Ephesians 2:4-10) So, how is it that you have come to know Jesus? Have you ever really asked yourself this question?

Luke’s record of Jesus’ birth offers several examples of how people come to know their Savior. For example, the shepherds who were watching their flocks weren’t even seeking Jesus. They were minding their own business immersed in their daily affairs. All of a sudden a miraculous event intruded into their lives! They were drawn by God to Christ through a miraculous announcement. Paul had a similar experience. He was not interested in Jesus, except to seek to eradicate his message and destroy those who spread the Gospel. Although it can be argued that simply coming to know the supernatural is a miraculous event no matter what the circumstances, have you come to know Jesus through a miracle in your life, perhaps a healing of someone you love, or an inexplicable “accident” that saved you from something?

Of course, after the shepherds became convinced that the heavenly message was indeed from God, they began to spread it themselves, telling all who would listen that the Messiah had come, so people came to know Jesus through their word. Many today come to Jesus, because someone who knew Jesus told them about the Savior. Is this the way you have come to know him?

Luke also tells us of a man named Simeon of whom the text says that it was revealed to him by the Holy Spirit that he would not die until he would see his Savior. Some of us come to know Jesus because we are aware of an inner voice intruding itself into our thoughts, helping us to recognize him as he unfolds before us from a book, a sermon we hear or through some other method. With each new discovery we rejoice within at the revelation of each piece of the puzzle, until the whole is revealed to our hearts and minds. Some of us simply must “know” the truth. We are drawn to answer all the deep questions of our lives, until we discover that Jesus is able to satisfy it all. Is this the manner in which you were drawn to Jesus?

Still, some of us may be like Anna, the prophetess, who served God most of her life, but didn’t really discover Jesus until she was very old, but, once she did, she told all who looked for the redemption of Israel that the Redeemer had finally come. Is your experience more like that of Anna? Have you served God in your church all your life perhaps even speaking of the coming of Christ (in the future), but never really considering his presence here with you—within you? Then one day you hear a certain word that makes it all come clear to you, and you begin to rejoice from within. Is this the manner in which you have come to know him?

We are all different, aren’t we? God is able to speak to us where we are, no matter what our circumstances. We could be about our daily chores without a care in the world about God or a religious life. We could be on the other end of the pendulum, so involved in religious life that we have never really recognized Jesus’ presence with us (within us). Your story could range from a seeker of all the answers (Simeon) to one who believes he already knows the answers (Paul), but God can break through our lives and draw us to Jesus. Have you ever considered how you have come to know him? It’s a miracle, you know, any way you describe it. It’s a miracle! What is your Jesus story? Think about it, and be thankful.

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